We, at Our Lady of Good Counsel Child Care Facility, believe that each individual child needs a safe and healthy environment to grow in.

We believe that showing respect to each other is the key to opening a child to learn to be respectful, to be strong, to be capable, to be dependable and to be forgiving.

We believe that adult modeling helps children know what is acceptable so that they may develop into caring responsible adults.

We believe that we need to work together with our families to support each other so that we can bring about change.

We need to use all our resources to help build an environment that will nurture growth in our children.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Committee

The Preschool Program is governed by a committee comprised of seven members. The Pastor from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, the Principal and Head Teacher from Our Lady of Good Counsel School, the Director and Manager from the Preschool and Out of School Care Programs and two parents who use the services of these programs.

While the Committe strives to meet the daily challenges of the Centre's operations, its primary goal is always to serve the children and families of the community to the best of its ability. Parents are warmly encouraged to offer any advise or ideas they may have.


Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Preschool Program. Our preschool programs are designed as enjoyable, entertaining and educational experiences for children aged 3 to 5 years. To be eligible for preschool, your child must be 3 years old and fully toilet-trained. Socialization through play is a key factor in your child’s growth and development. Children will benefit from all the fun and enjoyment that we put into this program.

Preschool Registration

OLGC Preschool is now accepting registration. Classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis. A registration fee of $40.00 will confirm your child's placement. If you have not registered yet or know of anyone interested, please contact Lenny Martins at (604)-581-3225. Current Preschool families will be given priority registration.